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Elevate your interior decor with the cerakorie Geometric Flowerpot and Bamboo Tray Set, a contemporary ode to minimalism and sophistication.

- Brand Name: cerakorie
- Style: Modern Style
- Used With: Flower/Green Plant
- Usage Condition: Desktop
- Finishing: Glazed
- Model Number: DHFPS1005
- Material: Ceramic
- Ceramic Type: Porcelain
- Type: Planter
- Package Included: 1 Planter + 1 Bamboo Stand
- Color Scheme: White Porcelain
- Pot Size: Length 28x Width 6x Height 4.5cm
- Application: Bonsai, Succulent Plants, Flowers, Green Plants

- Geometric Design: A sleek and minimalist geometric design crafted from premium white ceramic, accentuating modern aesthetics with a touch of elegance.
- Perfect Dimensions: Approximate dimensions of Length 28cm x Width 6cm x Height 4.5cm, ideal for small herbs, succulents, or petite flowers.
- Drainage System: Equipped with a small hole at the base, ensuring proper drainage to maintain plant health and prevent overwatering.
- Sturdy Construction: Thick and sturdy walls offer durability, while the accompanying bamboo tray perfectly complements the planter, adding a natural touch to your space.
- Versatile Usage: Ideal for showcasing succulents, bonsai, or various green plants, this ceramic set effortlessly enhances the charm of any room or office desk.

Adorn Your Space:
Enliven your space with this charming yet functional set. Perfect for plant enthusiasts, decorators, or as a delightful gift, the cerakorie Geometric Flowerpot and Bamboo Tray Set harmoniously blend form and function to accentuate your surroundings with timeless grace.

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