Light Luxury Glass Gyro Wine Decanter


Specification Size: Gold Wine Decanter
Sale price$79.50

Light Luxury Glass Gyro Wine Decanter - Premium Home Addition

Product Information:

- Color: Gold
- Specification Sizes:
- Silver Wine Decanter
- Gin Wine Decanter
- Red Wine Glass (2 pieces)
- Style Type: Simple Style
- Material: Glass
- Style: Modern Simplicity
- Capacity: 101-200ml

Packing List:
- 1 Glass Decanter or 2 Tall Glasses

This Light Luxury Glass Gyro Wine Decanter offers an elegant touch to your home, featuring a sleek and modern design in a captivating gold color. The specification sizes include options like the Silver Wine Decanter, Gin Wine Decanter, and a set of two Red Wine Glasses. Crafted from glass with a modern simplicity style, these items boast a capacity of 101-200ml.

Whether you choose the stylish single glass decanter or opt for the set of two tall glasses, this high-end glassware adds a touch of sophistication to your dining or entertainment experience, elevating the presentation of your favorite beverages.

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