Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light for Indoor Spotlight


Human body sensing sunset ligh: Black AAA battery model
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Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light for Indoor Spotlight - Rechargeable and Battery-Powered Wall Light for Corridor and Living Room

Elevate your interior lighting with our Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light, a versatile and stylish solution for adding warmth and ambiance to your corridor and living room. This rechargeable and battery-powered wall light offers adjustable brightness to create the perfect atmosphere in any space.

Key Features:

1. Sunset Light Effect:
Experience the beauty of a sunset indoors. The Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light mimics the warm tones of a sunset, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your corridor and living room.

2. Adjustable Brightness:
Tailor the lighting to your preference with adjustable brightness settings. Whether you need subtle accent lighting or a brighter spotlight, this light provides customizable illumination.

3. Wireless and Rechargeable:
Say goodbye to messy cords. This wall light is wireless for hassle-free installation and is equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous and sustainable use.

4. Easy Installation:
Mounting the light is a breeze, requiring no complex installation. Enjoy the flexibility to place it wherever you desire without the constraints of electrical outlets.

5. Stylish and Versatile Design:
The sleek and modern design of the Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light adds a touch of sophistication to your decor. Its versatility makes it suitable for various living spaces.

Product Information:
- Type: Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light
- Lighting Effect: Sunset
- Brightness: Adjustable
- Power Source: Black: Dual use rechargeable battery/battery type White: Dual use rechargeable battery/battery type 1200 mA High-Capacity Battery
- Installation: Easy Wall Mounting
- Design: Modern and Versatile
- Material: ABS
- Packaging size: 95 * 65 * 95mm

Packing List:
- Induction light * 1
- USB cable * 1
- Double sided adhesive iron sheet * 1  

Transform your living space with the Adjustable Wireless Sunset Light, bringing the warmth and charm of a sunset into your corridor and living room. Experience the convenience of wireless lighting and the aesthetic appeal of this stylish wall light.

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