Exquisite Crystal Wine Glass Set


style: Vintage champagne glass 170ml
quantity: Q6pcs
Sale price$63.55

Presenting the Exquisite Crystal Wine Glass Set - Elevate Your Drinking Experience!

wine glass set

Product Details:

glass set

- Material: Crafted from high-quality crystal glass, ensuring clarity, brilliance, and durability for your drinking pleasure.

Size and Pack Information:
- Vintage Champagne Glass 170ml [6 Pack]
- Retro Wine Glass 170ml [6 Pack]
- Retro Wine Glass 142ml [6 Pack]
- Gems Whiskey Cup 220ml [6 Pack]
- Retro Whiskey Cup 210ml [6 Pack]

Immerse yourself in sophistication with our Crystal Wine Glass Set. Each glass, meticulously crafted from premium crystal glass, offers a unique size and design, catering to various drink preferences. Elevate your drinking experience and add a touch of elegance to your gatherings with this exquisite set.

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