Small Bouquet Of Bridesmaids Holding Flowers


Color: Blue and white roses
Sale price$26.20
Elevate the grace of your bridal party with our Small Bouquet of Bridesmaids Holding Flowers, exquisitely designed to add a touch of elegance and charm to your special day.

Product Information:

- Small Bouquet: Crafted meticulously, these small bouquets feature lifelike artificial flowers made of high-quality simulation materials. Available in various colors including blue and white rose, red and white rose hydrangea, vintage peony, pink and white mixed rose, and champagne white, green rose.
- Sunflower Specifications: The sunflowers boast silk cloth, ribbon, and other quality materials, providing a vibrant and lifelike appearance. Each sunflower measures approximately 25cm in diameter and stands at 30cm in height.

Size Information:

- Bouquet Dimensions: These charming bouquets measure around 16cm in diameter and stand at approximately 28cm in height, perfect for adding a delicate yet impactful touch to your bridesmaids' ensemble.

Make your bridal celebration unforgettable with our Small Bouquet of Bridesmaids Holding Flowers, designed to adorn your bridal party with elegance and timeless beauty.

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