Waterproof Men's Quartz Watch


Color Style: Black side
Sale price$26.75
Introducing our "Waterproof Men's Quartz Watch" – a reliable and stylish timepiece designed for the modern man who values both functionality and fashion.

Product Information:
Color Options:
- 613 Silver case blue surface steel belt
- 613 Silver case black surface steel belt
- 613 Silver case white surface steel belt
- 613 Silver case green surface steel belt
Thickness: 7mm

Packing List:
* Men's quartz watch × 1pc

Key Features:
Versatile Color Options:
Choose from a range of versatile color options, including blue, black, white, and green surface with a silver case and steel belt, allowing you to match your watch with various outfits and occasions.

Ultra-Thin Design:
With a thickness of 7mm, this watch features an ultra-thin design, providing a sleek and sophisticated appearance suitable for business settings.

Business Style:
Tailored for business attire, this watch seamlessly blends style and professionalism, making it an ideal accessory for formal occasions.

Waterproof Design:
Enjoy the added convenience and peace of mind with the waterproof design, ensuring the watch can withstand water exposure during daily activities.

Steel Belt Durability:
The steel belt not only enhances the durability of the watch but also adds a modern and polished aesthetic.

Elevate your everyday style with the "Waterproof Men's Quartz Watch" – where functionality meets fashion, providing a reliable and stylish accessory for various occasions.

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