20pcs Vertical Hydroponic Tower System - DIY Gardening Accessory


Color: Only Nursery Pots
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Welcome to the innovative and versatile Vertical Hydroponic Tower System by "Adhere To Fly," a revolutionary gardening solution for modern enthusiasts.

- Brand: Adhere To Fly
- Type: Nursery Pots
- Material: High-Quality PP Plastic
- Model Number: 10653, 10654
- Finish: Not Coated
- Product Name: Pipe Hydroponics Soilless Device
- Application: Seed Cultivation, Soilless Culture
- Material Options: Plastic or Sponge
- Color Options: Black or White
- Usage: Ideal for Flowers and Green Plants

Features and Benefits:
1. Efficient Moisture Retention: The nursery pots ensure prolonged moisture retention, facilitating nutrient solution watering without the need for traditional soil, perfect for organic vegetable cultivation.
2. Soilless Culture Advantages:
- Maintains Cleanliness and Sanitation
- Offers Ease in Organic Vegetable Cultivation
- Encourages Vigorous Growth and Higher Yields
- Facilitates Space-Saving Three-Dimensional Cultivation

This innovative hydroponic system is constructed from durable materials and designed with a moderate mesh size, making it compatible with various soilless cultivation setups. It is suitable for a range of vegetables, from leafy greens like celery and leeks to fruiting varieties such as cucumbers and tomatoes.

The sponge blocks, with convenient cut openings, securely hold seedlings in place, safeguarding their delicate roots and ensuring hassle-free maintenance. Elevate your gardening experience with this efficient, space-saving, and highly productive Vertical Hydroponic Tower System.

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