Transparent Multifunctional Touch Screen Crossbody Phone Bag


Color: Black
Sale price$16.99

Introducing the Transparent Multifunctional Touch Screen Crossbody Phone Bag, a versatile accessory designed for both fashion and functionality.

Product Information:
- Material: Crafted from durable PU material, ensuring long-lasting quality and a sleek appearance.
- Style: Exuding a sense of Fashion Simplicity, combining modern design with practical functionality.
- Features: Embellished with a stylish Letter motif, adding a trendy touch to your ensemble.
- Color Variety: Available in a spectrum of vibrant shades including Red, Green, Blue, Black, Grey, Light Pink, Brown, and Dark Pink, catering to various style preferences.

This multifunctional crossbody phone bag is the epitome of contemporary fashion. Its transparent design not only adds a modern flair but also features a touch screen capability, ensuring easy access to your phone without compromising style.

With a range of colors to choose from, this bag complements any outfit and offers the perfect blend of trendiness and convenience. Ideal for the modern individual seeking a chic and versatile accessory to carry essentials while staying connected.

Size Information:

Transparent Multifunctional Crossbody Phone Holder


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