Sliding Glass Door Automatic Closer: 500g-1000g Tension


Color: Black 3rd generation
Size: 1pcs
Sale price$15.85

Introducing the Automatic Door Closer for Sliding Glass Doors – Effortless Tension Closing Device!

Key Features:

- Adaptable Tension Design: This automatic door closer is engineered with adjustable tension settings ranging from 500g to 1000g, catering to various sliding glass door weights for smooth and controlled closing.

- Efficient Closure: Enjoy the convenience of an automatic closing mechanism, ensuring your sliding doors close softly and securely without the need for manual intervention.

- Easy Installation: Simple to install, this tension closing device is designed for sliding glass doors, offering a hassle-free setup and providing a reliable closing solution for enhanced safety.

- Enhanced Safety: Promote safety and security with this door closer, preventing slamming doors and ensuring controlled closures to protect against accidents or unexpected drafts.

- Durable Construction: Crafted from robust materials, this device guarantees long-lasting performance and contributes to the longevity of your sliding glass door system.

Experience the convenience and safety benefits of the Automatic Door Closer for Sliding Glass Doors. Its adaptable tension settings, ease of installation, and efficient closure mechanism ensure controlled and secure closing, offering peace of mind for your home or commercial space.

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