Microwave Oven-Safe Light Lunch Box


Color: Apricot
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- High-Quality Construction: This lunch box is entirely new and crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability, easy cleaning, and environmental friendliness. It's designed to meet the standards of health and ecology, offering a safe and healthy food storage option.

- Flexible and Secure: With a flexible design and a reliable lock seal, it guarantees secure closure, making it suitable for various uses, including school lunches, picnics, camping, travel, and organizing fruits and vegetables. It's also designed for high-temperature resistance, allowing safe use in microwaves and refrigerators.


- Material: PP + AS material (safe and eco-friendly)
- Color Options: Beige, Pink, Green
- Size: 18.8 cm * 8.3 cm * 11.2 cm
- Style: Japanese Square Shape
- Heat Resistance: -20°C to 140°C
- Package Contents:
- Option 1: 1x Lunch Box, 1x Spoon, 1x Fork
- Option 2: 1x 600ml Square Soup Mug

Key Features:

- Safe and Eco-Friendly: Made from PP and AS materials, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness.
- Versatile Use: Suitable for school lunches, picnics, camping, and travel. It helps in organizing fruits and vegetables efficiently.
- Temperature Resistant: Safe for microwave heating and refrigerator refrigeration, with a heat resistance range of -20°C to 140°C.
- Secure Lock Seal: Designed with a flexible lock seal mechanism to ensure a secure closure for spill-free transportation.


The Microwave Oven-Safe Light Lunch Box is an ideal food storage solution for individuals looking for a reliable, safe, and versatile lunch container. Its high-quality construction, temperature resistance, and secure locking system make it suitable for various environments, including schools, outdoor activities, and everyday use.

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