Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray with Convenient Storage Box


Color: Blue
style: Double layer
Sale price$29.99
quick-release ice cube tray
Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray Set with Convenient Storage Box: Your Ultimate Ice Solution!

This versatile ice cube tray package contains two trays, an ice container accompanied by a lid, and a scoop—offering ample space for ice storage. Freeze your ice cubes effortlessly in the trays and transfer them into the icebox for easy access whenever needed.

Effortless Usage & Practical Design:
Experience hassle-free ice cube release by simply twisting the trays left and right. The trays come with practical covers, preventing moisture overflow in the refrigerator and efficiently absorbing freezer odors.
quick-release ice cube tray
Safe, Durable, and Generously Sized:
Crafted from food-grade PP material, these ice cube trays prioritize safety and durability, producing 24 well-sized square cubes each. The sturdy plastic construction of the container and scoop ensures break-resistance, accommodating up to 48 ice cube nuggets.
quick-release ice cube tray
Space-Saving and Stackable Design:
All components, including the lid, ice trays, icebox, and scoop, are stackable, enabling convenient storage in the refrigerator or freezer. This space-saving design ensures a tidy and organized freezer or fridge space.
quick-release ice cube tray,
Product Information:
- Material: Plastic
- Capacity: 24 grids (Yellow Soft Bottom Single Layer 24 Grids - Comes with Ice Shovel) / 48 grids (Yellow Soft Bottom Double Layer 48 Grids - Comes with Ice Shovel)
- Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink
- Size Information: Outer box size - 28CM (L) * 13CM (W) * 9.5CM (H)

Revamp your ice-making experience with our Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray Set! Designed for convenience, durability, and efficient storage, this set offers a simple yet effective solution for your chilling needs.

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