Portable USB Rechargeable Mini Table Lamp with Stand Clip


Electrical outlet: USB
Light Color: Black
Sale price$14.35

Introducing our Portable USB Rechargeable Mini Table Lamp with Stand Clip – a compact and versatile lighting solution designed for convenience and flexibility.

Product Information:

Power Supply Mode: Built-in battery
Light Color: White, Black
Shape: Clip Light
Size: 4.6x1.73x8cm

Product Material: ABS + PVC + Electronic Components
Battery Capacity: 400mA Polymer Lithium Battery
USB Type-C Cable: 25CM included

Key Features:

Built-In Battery:
The portable table lamp features a built-in 400mA polymer lithium battery, providing a cordless lighting solution. Enjoy the freedom to place it anywhere without the constraints of power outlets.

Dual Light Color Options:
Choose between the classic white or sleek black color options, allowing you to match the lamp with your decor or personal preference.

Compact Clip Light Design:
The clip light shape makes it easy to attach to various surfaces, providing hands-free illumination. Whether clipped to a desk, book, or shelf, this lamp is adaptable to your needs.

Compact Size:
Measuring at 4.6x1.73x8cm, this mini table lamp is designed for portability and convenience. Easily carry it in your bag or pocket for on-the-go lighting.

Durable Construction:
Crafted from ABS, PVC, and electronic components, this table lamp is built to withstand regular use, ensuring long-lasting performance.

USB Rechargeable:
The lamp comes with a 25CM USB Type-C cable for easy recharging. Stay powered up with a convenient and widely compatible charging solution.

Packing List:
* Small desk lamp
* USB Type-C cable * 1

Experience the versatility of our Portable USB Rechargeable Mini Table Lamp – where portability meets practicality, providing a reliable lighting source wherever you go.

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