Portable USB Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine


Color: Pink and white
Sale price$20.45

Portable USB Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine: Electric Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Tool with Automatic Cleaning for Makeup Brushes

Experience the ultimate convenience in makeup brush cleaning with our Portable USB Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine. This electric cosmetic brush cleaning tool offers quick and easy cleaning, ensuring your brushes stay pristine without any damage. The mess-free, automatic cleaning process makes it a hassle-free solution for maintaining your makeup tools. Plus, its portable design allows you to carry it effortlessly wherever you go.

Key Features:
- Quick & Easy to Clean:
The Electric Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Tool provides a swift and efficient cleaning process, saving you time and effort in maintaining your makeup brushes.

- Does Not Damage the Brush:
This innovative cleaner is designed to clean your brushes thoroughly without causing any damage, preserving the integrity of your makeup tools.

- Mess-Free:
Enjoy a mess-free cleaning experience with the automatic cleaning function, ensuring a seamless process without the need for extensive cleanup afterward.

- Portable/Easy to Carry:
The compact and lightweight design of the cleaning tool makes it highly portable, allowing you to carry it with ease for on-the-go cleaning.

Product Information:
- Material: ABS+Silica Gel
- Product Weight: 197g (including color box), 167g (color box not included)
- Product Size: 9*9*9.5CM
- Color Box Size: 9.3*9.3*9.8CM
- Charging Mode: USB

Packing List:
- 1 * Makeup Cleaning Machine

Elevate your makeup routine with the Portable USB Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine – where efficiency meets portability for a seamless and mess-free cleaning experience.

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