Plastic Rectangle Flower Pot Tray - S, M, L Sizes


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Enhance the charm of your living space or balcony with our Plastic Rectangle Flower Pot Trays available in sizes S, M, and L. Crafted from durable plastic, these pot trays are designed to complement your plants while ensuring a tidy and organized display.

- Type: Pot Trays
- Material: Sturdy Plastic

Elevate your gardening experience with these versatile trays that not only serve as functional platforms for your flower pots but also add a touch of antique-inspired elegance to your indoor or outdoor decor.

This antique imitation plastic flower pot tray is the perfect addition to your living room, balcony, or any space you wish to decorate. Its vintage-inspired design enhances the aesthetic appeal while providing a practical solution for organizing your potted plants.

It's more than just a pot tray; it's a beautiful decoration that adds character and style to your surroundings. Whether showcasing your favorite flowers, succulents, or herbs, these trays bring both functionality and visual allure to your gardening endeavors.

The durable plastic construction ensures longevity and reliability, making these trays a practical choice for plant enthusiasts seeking an elegant yet functional accessory for their gardening spaces.

Embrace the fusion of practicality and aesthetics with our Plastic Rectangle Flower Pot Trays, available in various sizes to suit your gardening needs. Elevate your plant display and bring a touch of antique-inspired beauty to your home today!

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