Tabletop Decor: Underwater Cave Diver Ocean Display


style: 8inches
Sale price$69.75

Immerse yourself in the serene depths of the ocean with our captivating Tabletop Decor: Underwater Cave Diver Ocean Display, a mesmerizing piece that brings the wonders of the underwater world into your home.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ocean-themed tabletop display features a breathtaking underwater cave diver scene, intricately designed to evoke a sense of adventure and tranquility. The exquisite craftsmanship captures the essence of an underwater expedition, showcasing the beauty of the ocean depths.

Key Features:
- Ocean-inspired tabletop display capturing an underwater cave diver scene
- Meticulous attention to detail for an immersive experience
- Intricate craftsmanship depicting the beauty of the underwater world

Experience the allure of the ocean's depths within the confines of your home! This stunning tabletop decor serves as a conversation starter, offering a captivating visual journey into the mysterious underwater realm.

Elevate your space with the Tabletop Decor: Underwater Cave Diver Ocean Display. Order now and add a touch of oceanic wonder to your living space!

Product information :
Power: resin lamp No.11, paragraph 1 (8 inches) +lamp holder, resin lamp No.11, paragraph 1 (12 inches) +lamp holder (w)
Model: marine resin lamp
Type: LED modeling lamp
Input voltage: 220(V)
Can you dim the light? Yes.
Life span: 30,000 hours (h)

Packing list:
Resin lamp *1, lamp holder *1

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