Instant Electric Water Heater - Bathroom & Kitchen Heating


Color: Black 220V
Bundle: 220V
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Experience convenience in both the bathroom and kitchen with our instant electric water heater. Enjoy quick and efficient water heating for ultimate comfort.

1. Installation Conditions:
- Wire Requirements: Principal line 4, branching line more than 2.5mm copper core. Mechanical watch not less than 20A, electronic watch not less than 40A.
- Water Pressure Requirements: Unsuitable for low water pressure or non-tap water use. Not ideal for high floors or places where water towers are less than 8 meters.
- Return Policy: Customers facing non-functional products due to faulty lines should cover return shipping costs.

2. Temperature Description:
- Maximum Water Temperature: 55 degrees Celsius. Effluent temperature adjustable between 40-50 degrees Celsius for baths, subject to variation due to different water inlet temperatures in different regions.
- Water Mixing: Effluent temperature may drop due to cold water mixing in multiple water supply scenarios. Suitable for specific applications based on water pressure and usage.
- Water Pressure Impact: Instability in water pressure affects temperature. Low water pressure can be improved with a water pump, influencing effluent temperature.

- Brand Name: CUKYI
- Origin: Mainland China
- Storage / Tankless: Instant / Tankless
- Capacity: Instant water
- Power (W): >5000W
- Voltage (V): 220V
- Installation: Wall Mounted
- Certification: CE
- Style: Horizontal
- Control Mode: Microcomputer
- Housing Material: Plastic
- Model Number: pay487ab
- Rated Power: 6000W
- Rated Water Pressure: 0.6MPa
- Minimum Water Inlet Pressure: 0.05MPa
- Wire Requirements: 4m²

Additional Information:
1. Start and shut down the machine by turning on/off the water and electricity in the specified sequence.
2. When not in use for an extended period, turn off the main power switch.
3. After initial use or water stoppage, ensure water flow before powering on to avoid damage.

Bathroom and Kitchen HeaterBathroom and Kitchen HeaterBathroom and Kitchen HeaterBathroom and Kitchen HeaterBathroom and Kitchen HeaterBathroom and Kitchen HeaterBathroom and Kitchen Heater

1. Host         

2. Mounting brackets          

3. Bracket accessories          

4. Junction Box          

5. Anti-power wall          

6. Flow control valve          

7. Shower parts          

8. Water inlet pipe

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