Frosted Gradient Plastic Cup with Scale


Color: Black
capacity: 700ml
Sale price$14.76

This Frosted Gradient Plastic Cup with Scale comes in various attractive color options including red, pink, black, blue, and light gray. Made from durable PC material, this cup features a single-layer structure with a straight shape and a size of 7 x 27cm. It comes with a straw, presenting a stylish Korean design. With a capacity of 700ml, it's a convenient and trendy choice for enjoying your favorite beverages. The package includes one cup.

Product Information:
- Color Options:
- Red
- Pink
- Black
- Blue
- Light Gray
- Material: PC (Polycarbonate)
- Structure: Single layer
- Shape: Straight
- Size (Height, Caliber): 7 x 27cm
- Style: With Straw
- Capacity: 700ml

Packing List: 1 Cup

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