Float Filter For Washing Machine Hair Remover


Color: Blue and pink
quantity: 2 set
Sale price$9.99

- Effortless Debris Removal: This float filter offers a hassle-free method to eliminate debris, providing a simple and practical solution for cleaning.
- Comfortable and Hygienic: Ensures a comfortable and hygienic cleaning experience, maintaining a clean and sanitary environment.
- High-Quality Build: Crafted with premium materials, this product is 100% brand new, assuring high quality and durability.
- Aesthetic Design: Featuring an appealing flower-shaped design, the float filter not only functions effectively but also adds a touch of visual interest to its use.

- Material: PE (Polyethylene) + EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) + Polyester
- Net Weight: 0.023 kg
- Packaging: Comes in an OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) bag
- Product Size: 9.5 x 4.0 cm

Key Features:
- Efficient Debris Removal: Effectively collects debris during washing machine cycles.
- Durable Construction: Made from a combination of sturdy materials for longevity.
- Easy to Use: Simple installation and removal process for user convenience.
- Hygienic Maintenance: Ensures a clean and sanitized washing experience.
- Aesthetic Appeal: The flower-shaped design adds an element of charm to the utilitarian product.

The Float Filter For Washing Machine Hair Remover is designed to efficiently trap debris, keeping your washing machine clean and ensuring optimal functionality. Its user-friendly design and aesthetic appeal make it an ideal addition to your laundry routine.

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