Fashion Shoulder Bag with Lock - Women's Mobile Phone Wallet


Color: Black
Sale price$19.99

 This stylish shoulder bag, designed in the Korean fashion, combines functionality with trendiness. Crafted with PU fabric and lined with synthetic leather, it offers a chic appearance and durability. Its square vertical design and small square bag style cater to modern preferences. The zipper buckle ensures secure closure and convenient access to your belongings.

Product Information:
- Style: Korean, Women's Messenger Bag
- Fabric Texture: PU
- Lining Texture: Synthetic Leather
- Bag Shape: Square Vertical Section
- Luggage Trend Style: Small Square Bag
- Opening Method: Zipper Buckle

Perfectly suitable for women looking for a versatile and fashionable bag to carry their essentials, including mobile phones and wallets, while complementing their style.

Women's Mobile Phone Wallet Bag



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