Decorative Botanical Bathroom Sets


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Size: 180x180cm
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Botanical Patterned Bathroom Sets Luxury Décor

Introducing our Decorative Flower Bathroom Sets, meticulously crafted to elevate your bathroom's elegance and style. These sets, featuring a light luxury aesthetic, are adorned with a captivating Narcissus pattern, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

botanical shower curtain

Product Details:
🌸 Material: Made from premium polyester, ensuring durability, softness, and easy maintenance.
🌟 Style: Embrace the light luxury ambiance with our exquisite flower-themed design, enhancing your bathroom decor effortlessly.
🌼 Pattern: Adorned with the charming Botanical pattern, offering a serene and graceful visual appeal.
📏 Specifications: Available in various sizes—150W x 180H cm, 165W x 180H cm, 180W x 180H cm, and 180W x 200H cm—providing options to suit different bathroom dimensions.

shower curtain

🛁 Set Inclusions: Options include a three-piece set comprising a toilet seat cover, U-shaped mat, and floor mat, or a four-piece set with a 180cm shower curtain, a 45x75 three-piece set, and metal shower curtain hooks.

🧵 Fabric Weight: Each piece weighs 90 grams per square, ensuring quality and comfort.

Enhance your bathroom decor with our Decorative Flower Bathroom Sets, meticulously designed from high-quality polyester fabric, featuring the graceful botanical pattern. Choose from various sizes and set combinations to create a serene and stylish bathroom sanctuary.

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