CookSafe Flame Tamer- Induction Adapters for Gas Cooktops


Size: 7.5Inch
Sale price$25.99

Discover Cook Safe's Flame Tamer, the ultimate kitchen companion! Easily transforming your gas cooktop into an induction cooker, this remarkable gadget ensures uniform heat distribution and precise temperature control without any complex installation. Simply place it on your stove and experience unparalleled cooking efficiency. Say hello to Flame Tamer – the must-have secret weapon for culinary enthusiasts!

🔥 Gas Stove Heat Diffuser: Ideal for all pan sizes, this kitchen essential comes with a heatproof handle for safe usage and convenient storage near your stove.

🔥 Induction Hob Adapter Plate: Crafted from durable stainless steel, this converter facilitates the use of various cookware on induction cookers, aiding in energy conservation while cooking your favorite meals.

🔥 Premium Material: Constructed with three layers - stainless steel on the top and bottom, and aluminum in the middle - ensuring superior heat dispersion for enhanced cooking.

🔥 Versatile Use: Compatible with induction and gas cookers, perfect for iron pans, ceramic pots, and more, catering to diverse cooking needs.

⚠️ Attention:
1. Ensure compatibility of your induction hob panel with the Induction Adapter Plate.
2. Perfect fit for Stovetops or Gas Stoves.

🛠️ Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum Alloy

📏 Size Options Available:
- 19cm (7.5 Inch)
- 20cm (7.9 Inch)
- 24cm (9.5 Inch)

Upgrade your cooking experience effortlessly with Cook Safe's Flame Tamer, the ultimate solution for precise and versatile stovetop cooking!

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