Camera Lens Emulation Coffee Mug - 24-105mm, Creative Design


Color: Black 02 no box
Capacity: 301-400ml
Sale price$13.75
Indulge in the novelty of our Camera Lens Emulation Coffee Mug, an ingeniously designed beverage holder that mimics the appearance of a 24-105mm camera lens, adding a creative touch to your daily sipping routine.

Crafted from durable plastic and designed in the shape of a lens, this coffee mug is adorned with striking details, emulating the look of a professional camera lens. Its compact size, measuring approximately 7.5 x 5.5 x 13.5cm, makes it a convenient and portable choice for your favorite hot or cold beverages.

- Material: Plastic
- Shape: With Lid
- Type: Coffee Mugs

The inclusion of a lid enhances the practicality of this mug, allowing for spill-free transportation of your drinks while keeping them at the ideal temperature. Its eco-friendly construction aligns with sustainable living practices, offering both novelty and environmental consciousness in one exceptional mug.

Perfect for photography enthusiasts, creatives, or anyone seeking a unique addition to their collection of mugs, this camera lens emulation coffee mug is a statement piece that blends creativity with functionality.

Elevate your coffee sipping experience with our Camera Lens Emulation Coffee Mug - an imaginative and practical accessory for your daily beverage enjoyment.

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