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Twelve Constellation Travel Mug

Twelve Constellation Travel Mug

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Twelve Constellation Travel Mug: Embrace Style and Functionality

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Experience the allure of the cosmos with our Twelve Constellation Travel Mug, a blend of style, quality, and convenience. Crafted to enhance your on-the-go beverage experience, this travel companion promises both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Exceptional Quality and Design
Made with precision and care, this mug stands out with its 100% new and high-quality construction. Its sleek design exudes sophistication while being light, fashionable, and health-conscious, ensuring a delightful drinking experience wherever you go.

Premium Materials for Your Safety
Constructed with 304 + 201 stainless-steel, the mug is coated with high-quality green paint and undergoes a hardening treatment, guaranteeing safety, durability, and a comfortable touch. The food-grade silicone seals, anti-scald ring, and lid ensure safety against burns, providing peace of mind with every sip.

Innovative Thermal Insulation
Utilizing vacuum technology, this travel mug ensures lasting thermal insulation, keeping your beverages at the desired temperature for longer. Reduce bacterial growth while relishing your drinks without worry about temperature loss.

Versatile and Spacious
With a capacity of 450 ml and a size of 23.2 * 6 cm, this mug offers ample space for your favorite beverages. Its versatility makes it suitable for daily commutes, outdoor adventures, or simply savoring a hot or cold drink at your convenience.

Travel in Style, Drink with Confidence
Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with our Twelve Constellation Travel Mug. Whether it's your morning coffee, refreshing tea, or a comforting beverage, savor every sip knowing you're indulging in style and quality.

Material:  Stainless Steel + Food Grade Silicone
Size: 23.2 * 6 cm
Capacity: 450 ml

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