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Transparent Glass Wall Hanging Vase - Hydroponic Terrarium

Transparent Glass Wall Hanging Vase - Hydroponic Terrarium

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Transparent Glass Wall Hanging Vase - Hydroponic Terrarium

🌻 Description:
Introducing the Transparent Glass Wall Hanging Vase - a stunning piece designed to elevate your decor with a touch of Mediterranean style. Crafted from premium-quality glass, this vase offers a beautiful showcase for your flowers or green plants.

With its transparent glass construction, this hanging vase exudes elegance and sophistication, allowing for a clear display of your botanical arrangements. Available in two package sizes and product sizes, it offers versatility to suit different preferences and spaces.

Designed for wall hanging, this vase is perfect for creating captivating wall decorations or enhancing the ambiance of any room. Additionally, its versatile use extends to serving as a landscape decoration or even a fish tank, adding aesthetic value to various settings.

Add a touch of beauty and functionality to your space with the Transparent Glass Wall Hanging Vase - an exquisite decorative piece that brings charm and allure to any environment.

🌿 Product Details:
- Style: Mediterranean Style
- Used With: Suitable for displaying flowers or green plants.
- Usage Condition: Intended for wall hanging.
- Material: Crafted from high-quality glass.
- Type: Functions as a vase for decorative purposes.

🌸 Specifications:
- Material: Glass
- Color: Transparent
- Package Sizes:
- Diameter 8CM / 9.5X9.5X9.5CM
- Diameter 12CM / 3.5X13.5X13.5CM
- Purpose: Ideal for Hanging Wall Decor, Vase Landscape Decoration, and Fish Tank use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Allene M

Was shipped super fast the product arrived in perfect condition and I loved it.

Lilliana M

Very well packed and in perfect condition, I loved the product, also it arrived earlier, thank you very much🥰

G Miller

Very nice, good size and crystal. Comes nicely packed but without the wall Hitch

Hettie R

Excellent, very good quality, the only thing that does not come with those hooks to fix included. The impeccable packaging. I recommend it.

Dayana L

Gorgeous really decorate the house. Fast shipping