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Smart G-Shaped LED Lamp: Speaker, Charger, App Lighting

Smart G-Shaped LED Lamp: Speaker, Charger, App Lighting

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Step into the enchanting cosmos with our Levitating Galaxy Star Lamp, an awe-inspiring marvel that brings the celestial beauty of the universe right into your living space. This innovative lamp showcases a mesmerizing 3D Floating Moon design, captivating observers with its ethereal charm.

Crafted with meticulous detail, this levitating lamp utilizes magnetic levitation technology, suspending the brilliantly crafted 3D moon model in mid-air. The effect is simply breathtaking, as it creates an illusion of a celestial body floating gracefully above its base, adding a touch of wonder to any room.

Illuminate your surroundings with a soft, soothing glow emitted by the levitating moon. Its adjustable brightness settings allow for customization, offering the perfect ambient lighting for relaxation, study, or simply to marvel at its celestial allure.

More than just a lighting fixture, this Levitating Galaxy Star Lamp serves as a stunning piece of art, sparking conversations and inspiring a sense of cosmic curiosity. Its elegant design and cosmic appeal make it an ideal addition to bedrooms, living rooms, or office spaces, elevating the ambiance and style of any environment.

The 3D Floating Moon Lamp operates as a perfect gift for astronomy enthusiasts, dreamers, or anyone fascinated by the celestial realm. It's a captivating and unique centerpiece that effortlessly blends technology and artistry to bring the mysteries of space closer to home.

Embrace the beauty of the cosmos in your living space with our Levitating Galaxy Star Lamp – a mesmerizing 3D Floating Moon that promises to elevate your surroundings and ignite your imagination.


Product Information: Color:  black, light grey, white Size: 22.5 * 8.2 * 23

About power selection:
US: 100-240V (Suitable for North America, Japan, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand and other regions and countries)

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