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Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp

Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp

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Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp with Touch Dimming and Color-changing Light

Illuminate your space with the Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp. Featuring touch dimming and color-changing light, this lamp is designed to provide optimal lighting for your eyes. With a rechargeable 18650 lithium battery and a sleek design, it's a convenient and stylish addition to any workspace or living area. Simply touch and adjust the lighting to suit your needs. The USB Portable Charging Lamp offers flexibility and ease for your lighting preferences.

Product Information:
- Color Options: White, Gray
- Product Name: USB Portable Charging Lamp
- Material: ABS PS Electronic Original
- Battery: 18650 Lithium Battery - 3.7V
- Rated Current: 1A
- Rated Voltage: 5V
- Rated Power: 5W

Upgrade your reading or workspace with our Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp, designed to provide optimal illumination while caring for your eyes. This versatile lamp features touch dimming and color-changing light to suit your preferences and create a comfortable environment.

Key Features:

1. Eye Protection:
This lamp is specifically designed to protect your eyes during extended reading or work sessions. Enjoy a well-illuminated space without straining your eyes.

2. Touch Dimming:
Easily adjust the brightness level according to your needs with the touch dimming feature. Create the perfect lighting for any task or mood.

3. Color-changing Light:
The lamp offers a variety of color-changing light options, allowing you to customize the ambiance of your space. Set the tone with warm or cool hues to enhance your environment.

4. Rechargeable:
With a rechargeable design, the lamp offers convenience and flexibility. No need for constant battery replacements – simply recharge and continue enjoying well-lit surroundings.

Packing List:
- Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp * 1
- USB Charging Cable * 1
- User Manual * 1

Transform your workspace or reading nook into a well-lit and visually pleasing environment with the Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp. Experience the convenience of touch dimming, color-changing light, and a rechargeable design for an enhanced lighting solution tailored to your preferences.


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It's relatively fine. It's a little short.

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Fast delivery thanks

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Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp

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Rechargeable Eye Protection Lamp