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Rechargeable 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer

Rechargeable 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer

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portable juice blender

Discover unparalleled convenience with our Rechargeable 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer, meticulously crafted to redefine your juicing encounters through its array of versatile functions.

Key Features:
- Multifunctional Design: Seamlessly transitions between a juicer, ice crusher, mixer, and eggbeater for diverse culinary needs.
- Portable Capacity: Boasts a 350ml capacity ideal for blending your preferred fruits and vegetables.
- Efficient Performance: Operates at speeds ranging from 18001 to 20000 rpm, ensuring swift and effective juicing sessions.

portable blender

Unleash versatility at your fingertips! Our Electric Juicer Blender Mixer transcends juicing, enabling the creation of creamy milkshakes, enhancing your culinary prowess.

Product Specifications:
- Functional Range: Covers juicing, ice crushing, stirring, egg beating, and milkshake preparation.
- Voltage: Runs on a convenient 5V for effortless recharging.
- Color Options: Available in white and pink variants.
- Material: Crafted from durable, food-safe plastic for daily use.

portable juicer
Elevate your blending game with our Rechargeable 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer, effortlessly handling your favorite ingredients and emerging as an indispensable kitchen ally.

Blend and juice on-the-go! Embrace functionality with our portable Rechargeable 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer, turning fruits and veggies into refreshing concoctions anywhere, anytime.

Blades Design:
The portable blender features a robust motor base and four food-grade stainless steel 3D blades. The SUS304 Stainless Steel cutter head, created using food-grade electrolysis technology, ensures durability and excellent mixing capabilities, swiftly breaking down pulp without compromising dietary fiber.

Portable Size for On-the-Go Enjoyment:
Enhance your lifestyle with our portable mini blender, a convenient 350ml juice holder weighing a mere 460g. Its sleek design mimics a water bottle, ensuring easy portability. After juicing, simply seal it with a lid and carry it with you, suitable for home, work, school, or travel.

Ease of Cleaning and Operation:
Simplify maintenance! This juicer cup ingeniously opens from both ends, allowing sipping from the cap and effortless bottom access for cleaning. Operating the juicer is effortless, featuring a single-button operation. A double-click powers it, and for optimal mixing, gently shake the bottle at a 45-degree angle during its 30-second cycle.

Food-Grade Material for Nutrient Extraction:
Crafted from food-grade, non-toxic PP & ABS materials, our USB blender ensures safety and environmental friendliness. Leveraging advanced CS+C (Cold Spin Centrifugal) Technology, it extracts nutritious essence from fruits and vegetables, offering fresh, nourishing goodness and a delightful leisure experience.

Safety Protection System:
Prioritizing safety! Our juicer integrates a comprehensive safety protection system, preventing operation if the cup isn't aligned correctly at the base and halting immediately if the body separates, ensuring secure usage without worries.


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Customer Reviews

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Marvin Brekke

Came in 12 days. Well packed. Good product.

Katherine Cronin

The product is very good. Looks like a high-quality product. I am very satisfied.

Katrina Grimes

Rechargeable 350ML Electric Juicer Blender Mixer

Shany Kertzmann

Great product and good quality fast delivery time❤️

Cletus Fadel

Product of great quality.
Very powerful and the load can handle several beats.
Product very well packed.