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Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray with Convenient Storage Box

Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray with Convenient Storage Box

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quick-release ice cube tray
Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray Set with Convenient Storage Box: Your Ultimate Ice Solution!

This versatile ice cube tray package contains two trays, an ice container accompanied by a lid, and a scoop—offering ample space for ice storage. Freeze your ice cubes effortlessly in the trays and transfer them into the icebox for easy access whenever needed.

Effortless Usage & Practical Design:
Experience hassle-free ice cube release by simply twisting the trays left and right. The trays come with practical covers, preventing moisture overflow in the refrigerator and efficiently absorbing freezer odors.
quick-release ice cube tray
Safe, Durable, and Generously Sized:
Crafted from food-grade PP material, these ice cube trays prioritize safety and durability, producing 24 well-sized square cubes each. The sturdy plastic construction of the container and scoop ensures break-resistance, accommodating up to 48 ice cube nuggets.
quick-release ice cube tray
Space-Saving and Stackable Design:
All components, including the lid, ice trays, icebox, and scoop, are stackable, enabling convenient storage in the refrigerator or freezer. This space-saving design ensures a tidy and organized freezer or fridge space.
quick-release ice cube tray,
Product Information:
- Material: Plastic
- Capacity: 24 grids (Yellow Soft Bottom Single Layer 24 Grids - Comes with Ice Shovel) / 48 grids (Yellow Soft Bottom Double Layer 48 Grids - Comes with Ice Shovel)
- Color: Yellow, Blue, Pink
- Size Information: Outer box size - 28CM (L) * 13CM (W) * 9.5CM (H)

Revamp your ice-making experience with our Quick-Release Ice Cube Tray Set! Designed for convenience, durability, and efficient storage, this set offers a simple yet effective solution for your chilling needs.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Arturo Keebler

Cubes smaller than meets the eye, but they're ready in a moment.

Thad Smith

Very small ice

Filomena Pacocha

Very nice, fast delivery, working as described (the ice cubes fall down when closing the lid with the "spikes" into the model.
One downside, the lid is not closing tight enough, there is no "click" or something and I think it can just be opened in the fridge by mistake by something that will touch it.

Alycia Hills

Thanks for the order. It is the same as the photo

Mollie Nitzsche

Super I love and fast