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Mobile phone tablet stand

Mobile phone tablet stand

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Mobile Phone & Tablet Stand - Sleek Desktop Convenience

Product Specifications:
- Name: Mobile Phone Desktop Stand
- Material: Aluminum Alloy + ABS + Silicone
- Color Options: Silver White, Charm Night Black
- Compatibility: Suitable for mobile phones, tablets, learning machines (supports devices with screens below 7.9 inches)
- Package Size: 110 x 100 x 50 mm


Effortlessly organize your digital space with this Mobile Phone and Tablet Stand. Crafted with a blend of premium Aluminum Alloy, durable ABS, and silicone materials, this stand offers sturdy support and versatility for a variety of devices.

- Sturdy Construction: Constructed with durable Aluminum Alloy, ABS, and silicone for a stable and reliable stand.
- Versatile Usage: Compatible with mobile phones, tablets, and learning devices with screens up to 7.9 inches, providing a convenient hands-free experience.
- Sleek Design: Available in two stylish colors—Silver White and Charm Night Black—complementing any desktop or workspace decor.
- Compact & Portable: Compact dimensions of 110 x 100 x 50 mm make it easily portable, fitting seamlessly into any workspace or carrying bag.
- Secure Grip: Features a silicone base that ensures a secure grip on surfaces and prevents slipping or scratching of your device.

Elevate Your Workspace:

Enjoy enhanced convenience and organization with the Mobile Phone and Tablet Stand. Its sturdy construction, versatile compatibility, and sleek design make it an ideal addition to your workspace, ensuring easy access to your devices while freeing up valuable desk space.

Adjustable Phone Mount
Adjustable Phone Mount


Adjustable Phone Mount
Adjustable Phone Mount


Adjustable Phone Mount


Adjustable Phone Mount
Adjustable Phone Mount


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
K. Thompson

Great stand. Strong. The phone keeps well. Convenient.

Y. Nesbitt

I ordered two. All family sit with the tablet movies and cartoons. Very convenient

R. Chisolm

For the phone is very good. The tablet also withstands, but all the time it seems that it will fall. Thank you!!!

B. Miller

it is great

Viola T

Amazing Product!! Holds my phone and even my iPad. It is so strong and the angle can be adjusted so easily. Highly Recommend!!