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Magnetic Charging Cable - LED Fast Charger Type-C Micro USB

Magnetic Charging Cable - LED Fast Charger Type-C Micro USB

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1. Strong Magnetism: This innovative magnetic charging cable features reversible charger connectors that automatically and swiftly absorb the cable in the correct orientation. It's designed not to easily disconnect, providing ease and safety, particularly while driving, allowing for convenient one-handed phone charging.

2. High-Quality Build: Crafted with nylon braiding and tested for a 10,000+ bend lifespan, this type-C to type-C magnetic charging cable is highly durable, offering remarkable resistance against splitting and breakage. It surpasses standard phone charger cords in longevity and resilience.

- Interface: Micro USB, Type-C
- Length: Available in 1 meter or 2 meters
- Applicable Models: Compatible with various devices
- Branch Connectors: Includes one for three
- Colors: Available in blue, red, green, and a colorful variant

Key Features:
- Magnetic Connection: Enables quick and secure attachment for hassle-free charging.
- Durable Design: Nylon braiding provides enhanced durability and longevity.
- Length Options: Available in 1m or 2m for flexible usage.
- Wide Compatibility: Compatible with various devices supporting Micro USB and Type-C interfaces.
- LED Fast Charger: Features LED indicators for indicating charging status.

Note: This Magnetic Charging Cable offers a hassle-free, durable, and versatile charging solution suitable for multiple devices. The LED feature provides visual cues during charging for added convenience.

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