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Iceberg Waterfall Wine Decanter - Kitchen Wine Gadget

Iceberg Waterfall Wine Decanter - Kitchen Wine Gadget

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Iceberg Waterfall Wine Decanter - Elegant Wine Accessory for the Kitchen

Product Information:

Specification Sizes:
- Jinshan Waterfall Wine Decanter - 1500ml
- Iceberg Waterfall Wine Decanter - 1500ml
- Flat Waterfall Wine Decanter - 1500ml
- Jinshan Waterfall Wine Decanter - 1800ml
- Material: Crystal
- Capacity: 1000ml or more
- Category: Wine Decanter

Packing List:
- 1x Decanter

The Iceberg Waterfall Wine Decanter, made of exquisite crystal, is a sophisticated addition to your kitchen's wine accessories. It's available in various sizes—Jinshan, Iceberg, and Flat Waterfall—each boasting a capacity of 1500ml or more. Additionally, there's a larger Jinshan model with a capacity of 1800ml.

Enhance your wine experience and presentation with these elegantly crafted decanters. Their unique design and crystal material offer both aesthetic appeal and functionality, providing ample aeration for your wine to breathe, thereby enriching its flavor profile. The decanter comes securely packaged, ensuring its safe delivery to your doorstep.

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Iceberg Waterfall Wine Decanter
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