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Community Street Fly Traps - Green Fly Catchers

Community Street Fly Traps - Green Fly Catchers

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Tired of pesky flies buzzing around your outdoor spaces? Introducing Street Fly Traps - Green Fly Catchers, the effective and eco-friendly solution for controlling fly populations in urban and outdoor environments. These innovative fly traps are designed to attract and capture flies, helping to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for both residents and visitors.

Key Features:

1. Effective Fly Control:
Street Fly Traps utilize a combination of attractants and trapping mechanisms to lure and capture flies effectively. The green color of the traps is attractive to flies, drawing them in and preventing them from bothering pedestrians or contaminating outdoor areas.

2. Environmentally Friendly:
Unlike chemical pesticides or harmful insecticides, Street Fly Traps offer a non-toxic and environmentally friendly solution for fly control. By using natural attractants and physical trapping methods, they pose no risk to humans, pets, or the surrounding ecosystem.

3. Easy to Install and Maintain:
These fly traps are designed for hassle-free installation and maintenance. Simply hang them in outdoor areas prone to fly activity, such as parks, gardens, or public spaces. Regularly check and replace the traps as needed to ensure continued effectiveness.

4. Durable and Weather-Resistant:
Constructed from durable materials, Street Fly Traps are built to withstand outdoor conditions, including sunlight, rain, and wind. Their sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, providing ongoing fly control throughout the seasons.

5. Cost-Effective Solution:
Compared to traditional pest control methods, Street Fly Traps offer a cost-effective solution for managing fly populations in outdoor environments. By reducing the need for chemical treatments and professional pest control services, they help save both time and money.

Product Information:
  • Size: 25X33cm 
  •  Color: Green
  • Material: Cloth
  • Size options: diameter 25 cm flycatcher height 32 cm, travel bowl total height 40 cm. Now a bowl material for bait selection: food grade polypropylene PP ring only. Material, heat intensive, hardness, logistics will not break.
  • Package Includes: Multiple Fly Traps (Quantity Varies)
  • Package Size: 260 x 260 x 130 mm/ 260 x 260 x 180 mm/ 260 x 260 x 70 mm/ 260 x 260 x 80 mm/ 260 x 260 x 90 mm/ 260 x 260 x 100 mm/ 270 x 240 x 100 mm

Say goodbye to bothersome flies and enjoy a cleaner, more enjoyable outdoor environment with Street Fly Traps - Green Fly Catchers. Whether used in parks, streets, or communal areas, these eco-friendly fly traps provide an effective and sustainable solution for fly control, ensuring a pest-free environment for all.

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Community Street Fly Traps - Green Fly Catchers

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Community Street Fly Traps - Green Fly Catchers

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