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Five-in-One Wine Set: Electric Bottle Opener with Base and Additional Bottle Opener

Five-in-One Wine Set: Electric Bottle Opener with Base and Additional Bottle Opener

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Experience the ultimate convenience in opening and enjoying your favorite wines with our Five-in-One Wine Set. This set features an Electric Bottle Opener with a sleek base and an additional manual bottle opener, making it a must-have for wine enthusiasts.

Key Features:
1. Electric Bottle Opener:
The electric bottle opener effortlessly removes corks from wine bottles with a simple push of a button. It provides a quick and smooth opening experience, allowing you to enjoy your wine without the hassle.

2. Sleek Base Design:
The set includes a stylish base to hold the electric bottle opener, adding a touch of elegance to your wine service area. The base also serves as a convenient charging station for the electric opener.

3. Additional Manual Bottle Opener:
For added flexibility, the set includes a manual bottle opener. Perfect for situations where electricity may not be readily available, ensuring you always have a reliable option on hand.

4. Compact and Portable:
The compact design of the set makes it easy to store and transport. Whether at home, a picnic, or a gathering, you can enjoy the convenience of opening wine bottles effortlessly.

5. Ideal Gift Set:
The Five-in-One Wine Set makes for an excellent gift for wine lovers. Whether for special occasions or celebrations, this set adds a touch of sophistication to any wine aficionado's collection.

Product Information:
- Set Components: ABS bottle opener wine container 2 vacuum stopper foil knife storage base
- Operation: Electric and Manual
- Design: Sleek and Compact
- Charging: Base serves as a charging station
- Portability: Yes
- Ideal For: Wine Enthusiasts and Gifts

Packing list:

1*Paper cutter 
1*Pull-out vacuum plug
1*USB Cable


Upgrade your wine experience with the Five-in-One Wine Set. Whether at home or on the go, enjoy the convenience of opening wine bottles effortlessly and in style.


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