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Solar Courtyard Corridor Stair Light

Solar Courtyard Corridor Stair Light

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Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor spaces with our Courtyard Corridor Stair Lights, designed to bring both elegance and functionality to your surroundings.

Product Information:
- Light Source Power: Illuminate your outdoor area with an efficient power of 0.14W.
- Voltage: Operates at a low voltage of 1.6V for energy efficiency.
- Dimensions* Compact and stylish, measuring 100x83x21mm for a sleek appearance.
- Main Scope of Application: Versatile lighting solution suitable for courtyard, wall, and garden illumination.
- Function: Harness the power of solar energy for eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting.
- Brightness: Enjoy a highlight brightness for optimal visibility and ambiance.
- Material: Crafted with durable stainless steel for long-lasting performance.

Light Color:
- White

- Package includes 6 packs of Courtyard Corridor Stair Lights.

Transform your outdoor spaces into inviting and well-lit areas with our Courtyard Corridor Stair Lights. The solar-powered functionality ensures that your pathways and garden areas are beautifully illuminated, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Upgrade your outdoor lighting with the elegance of stainless steel and the efficiency of solar power. Get your 6-pack of Courtyard Corridor Stair Lights today!

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Fredy S

Solar Courtyard Corridor Stair Light

Amber K

Great thanks

Haylie H

I haven't tried them yet, when I try it I will value

Morgan L

No it was only precise that the time that remains on is little, perhaps more my error of assessment

Danielle K

I would have liked more to bring stickers than screws, since I have them with the stickers and they have worked for me. I'm not going to make holes to the steps. I will look for with which to stick them