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Baby Bumper Bed Knot Pillow - Crib Protector Room Decor

Baby Bumper Bed Knot Pillow - Crib Protector Room Decor

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1. Safety Protection: This knot pillow acts as a safety measure, providing anti-collision and anti-pinch properties. It surrounds the crib to protect the active baby, preventing accidental head bumps and avoiding the possibility of hands or feet getting caught in the crib's gaps.

2. Flexible Design: With its ingenious and adaptable design, this bumper bed knot pillow offers the flexibility to be shaped and adjusted to fit various crib designs, cradles, and beds. Its versatility allows for different usage needs and requirements.

3. Reactive Printing and Dyeing: Utilizing environmentally friendly technology, the pillow undergoes reactive printing and dyeing processes. The result is a vibrant overall color that's gentle on the skin, non-irritating, and safe for babies, ensuring a comfortable environment.


- Material: Fabric: Spandex crystal velvet (skin-friendly and non-shedding)
- Size: 200x12x14cm
- Weight: 1000g

Key Features:

- Safety Measures: Provides a protective barrier to prevent injuries and accidents for babies in cribs.
- Versatile Design: Adaptable to various crib, cradle, and bed designs for flexible usage.
- Skin-friendly Material: Crafted from spandex crystal velvet, offering a gentle and comfortable touch for babies.
- Vibrant and Safe Coloring: The reactive printing and dyeing method ensure non-toxic, bright, and baby-friendly colors.
- Adaptive Shape: Can be shaped and adjusted according to different usage needs, providing maximum comfort and safety.


The Baby Bumper Bed Knot Pillow - Crib Protector Room Decor is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of babies in cribs or beds. Its versatile and adaptable nature, along with its skin-friendly material and vibrant coloring, makes it an essential accessory for baby rooms, providing a protective and comforting environment.