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Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Sensor

Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Sensor

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Introducing our cutting-edge Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Sensor, a revolutionary hygiene solution designed for a touch-free and efficient hand sanitation experience.

Key Features:
- Touch-Free Operation: Sensor-triggered dispenser for hands-free hygiene
- Foam Dispensing: Delivers fine foam for effective and gentle hand cleansing
- Convenience: Effortless and rapid sanitation for high-traffic areas

Experience optimal cleanliness! Our automatic dispenser, activated by motion sensors, efficiently delivers foam sanitizer for a hassle-free and hygienic hand sanitizing experience.

Product Highlights:
- Sensor Technology: Activates sanitizer delivery upon hand proximity
- Foam Efficiency: Dispenses fine foam for thorough and gentle hand cleansing
- Versatile Use: Perfect for public spaces, offices, or home environments

Elevate hygiene standards! This sensor-enabled dispenser ensures convenient and quick hand sanitation, making it an ideal addition to spaces requiring frequent sanitizing for enhanced cleanliness.

Ensure cleanliness with ease! Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Sensor, a cutting-edge solution prioritizing optimal hygiene in any environment.

Product information:

Type: Auto-sensing
Installation method: desktop placement
Size: 100X79X210mm
Net weight: 310g
Capacity: Below 100L
Color: white, pink, green, dark green
Material: ABS

Electrical outlet
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