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50Pcs Misting Nozzle Fog Sprayer - Garden Irrigation

50Pcs Misting Nozzle Fog Sprayer - Garden Irrigation

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50Pcs Misting Nozzle Fog Sprayer - Garden Irrigation Sprayer

🌿 Product Details:
- Type: Pump Material Metal
- Name: High-pressure misting nozzle
- Material: Nickel-plated Copper
- Nozzle Connection: Threaded
- Working Pressure: 20-90 bar
- Application: Temperature drop, cooling, humidity, dust reduction, irrigation
- With Net Filter

🌫️ Description:
Introducing the high-pressure misting nozzle made of nickel-plated copper, designed specifically with an anti-drop device. These nozzles operate by propelling liquid under pressure (ranging from 20 to 90 bar), creating a centrifugal vortex within the nozzle's vane, resulting in a fine mist spray when released.

Equipped with a screen filter, these nozzles produce spray particles approximately 50 microns in size, making them suitable for various applications such as garden landscaping, factory humidification, salt fog test inspections, and artificial fog creation where humidity is required.

Each nozzle's orifice, precision-punched by machines, ensures a diameter range of 0.1mm to 0.5mm, guaranteeing efficient mist generation. This nozzle not only delivers high-quality performance but also presents significant cost savings, nearly 10 times less expensive compared to air humidification methods.

💧 Specifications:
- Material: Nickel-plated Copper
- Nozzles Connection: Threaded
- Orifice Size: 0.1mm-0.5mm
- Pressure: 20-90 bar
- Features: Equipped with an internal filter
- Application: Suitable for watering, irrigation, humidification, dust removal, cooling, landscaping, and more.

📦 Package Includes:
- 50Pcs High-pressure misting nozzles

Transform your garden or workplace with the efficiency and reliability of the 50Pcs Misting Nozzle Fog Sprayer - an ideal solution for multiple applications requiring precise and effective misting.
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