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What is an HTML Sitemap and Why Should You Have One?

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An HTML sitemap is a page on your website that lists all the links to your web pages. It's different from an XML sitemap, which is a file that search engines read to discover the structure of your website. HTML sitemaps are designed for humans to navigate your site easily, especially if your website is large and has many sections.


Having an HTML sitemap has several benefits. First, it helps visitors find what they're looking for quickly. They can easily see all the pages on your website and choose which one to visit. Second, it helps search engines crawl and index your website. By providing a clear structure of your website, search engines can understand your content better and show it to relevant users. Finally, HTML sitemaps can improve your website's accessibility. People with disabilities or using assistive technology can use an HTML sitemap to navigate your site more easily.


Now that you know the benefits of having an HTML sitemap, let's explore the types of sitemaps and how to create one.