Why You Are My Bestie Jute Bag - Hearts Wood Chip Token


Color: Suit 1
Sale price$13.99

Celebrate your cherished friendship with the "Why You Are My Bestie" Jute Bag. This thoughtful and heartwarming product is perfect for expressing gratitude to your best friend.

Product Information:

- Applicable Scenario: Family
- Color Options: Suit 1, Suit 2, Suit 3, Suit 4
- Material Type: Wooden
- Material: Basswood
- Category: Wood Piece
- Size: 1 Big Love Heart (6cm), 10 Love Hearts (4.4cm each)
- Specifications: 10 hearts per set, different sets featuring various English versions

Packing List:
- Wood Chips (10 pieces)
- Bag (1 piece)

Express your appreciation and love for your bestie with this meaningful gift. The "Why You Are My Bestie" Jute Bag, complete with wooden love hearts, is a unique and sentimental way to let your friend know just how much they mean to you.

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