Refrigerator Basket: Freshness Storage & Freezing Rack


Color: Apricot
Sale price$12.15

Introducing our Telescopic Refrigerator Basket – the epitome of modern and simple design, originating from Zhejiang, designed to revolutionize your freshness storage and freezing experience.

Overview: Freshness Storage & Freezing Rack:

Style: Modern and Simple
Embrace a contemporary aesthetic with the modern and simple design of our Telescopic Refrigerator Basket. This stylish addition seamlessly integrates into any kitchen, enhancing the overall visual appeal while providing practical storage solutions.

Place of Origin: Zhejiang
Sourced from Zhejiang, renowned for its quality craftsmanship, this refrigerator basket guarantees reliability and durability. Each unit is a testament to the region's commitment to excellence in design and production.

Item No.: Refrigerator Storage Box
Identified by the item number "Refrigerator Storage Box," this telescopic basket is specifically crafted to meet your storage needs within the confines of your refrigerator. Organize your essentials with efficiency and style.

Product Category: Storage Box
Categorized as a versatile storage box, our telescopic refrigerator basket offers a multifunctional solution. From stationery and fruits to bags, vegetables, medicine, suits, magnetic cards, cosmetics/jewelry, books, and miscellaneous items – it caters to a wide range of storage needs.

Material: Plastic
Crafted from durable plastic, this storage box ensures longevity and easy maintenance. The material is chosen for its resilience, making it ideal for the varying demands of refrigerator storage.

Color: Blue, White, Pink, Apricot
Express your style with color options that include blue, white, pink, and apricot. Choose a hue that complements your refrigerator's aesthetic or adds a pop of color to your storage space.

Scope of Application:
Versatility is key – this telescopic basket accommodates stationery, fruits, bags, vegetables, medicine, suits, magnetic cards, cosmetics/jewelry, books, and miscellaneous items. Experience the convenience of a storage solution that adapts to your diverse needs.

Product Information:

Packing List: 1 storage box

Elevate your refrigerator organization with the Telescopic Refrigerator Basket – where style meets functionality, and every item finds its perfect place.

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