Induction Toilet Light with Projection Feature


modeling: Abstract
Light Color: 4 Patterns
Sale price$14.75

Illuminate your bathroom with the innovative Induction Toilet Light featuring a unique projection feature. This motion-activated light not only adds a practical touch to your toilet area but also introduces a playful element with its projection capabilities. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark with this functional and entertaining bathroom accessory.

Key Features:

1. Motion-Activated Lighting:
The induction toilet light automatically turns on when motion is detected, providing a gentle and soft illumination for nighttime bathroom visits. No more fumbling in the dark.

2. Colorful Projection Feature:
Enjoy a playful twist with the projection feature that adds colorful patterns or images to your bathroom floor. The projected elements create a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

3. Adjustable Sensitivity:
Customize the sensitivity of the motion sensor to suit your preferences. The adjustable settings ensure that the light activates only when needed, conserving energy.

4. Waterproof Design:
The toilet light is designed to withstand bathroom conditions, including moisture and splashes. The waterproof design ensures durability and longevity.

5. Easy Installation:
Simple and tool-free installation allows you to attach the light to the toilet bowl effortlessly. The adjustable arm ensures a secure fit on most toilet models.

Product Information:
- Type: Induction Toilet Light with Projection Feature
- Lighting: Motion-Activated 4 patterns
- Projection: Colorful Patterns
- Sensitivity: Adjustable
- Installation: Tool-Free, Adjustable Arm
- Waterproof: Yes
- Power supply mode: Without battery
- Overall size: 3.5x7x10cm
- Modeling: Abstraction

Packing List:
- Induction Toilet Light with Projection Feature * 1

Transform your bathroom experience with the Induction Toilet Light featuring both functional motion-activated lighting and a playful projection feature. Add a touch of convenience and entertainment to your nighttime visits to the bathroom.

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