Nordic Artisanal Sun Tray


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Size: 10inch
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Illuminate Your Tabletop with Nordic Artisanal Sun Tray - Crafted from New Bone China!

Enhance your dining experience with our Nordic Artisanal Sun Tray, a captivating piece meticulously designed in a circular form. Made from high-quality new bone China, this tray embodies Nordic sophistication with its plain pattern and radiant appeal.
Key Features:
- Nordic Elegance: Infused with Nordic charm, this sun tray radiates simplicity and grace, adding a touch of artistry to your table setting.
- New Bone China Craftsmanship: Crafted from superior-quality new bone China, this tray offers a delicate yet durable construction, perfect for showcasing culinary delights or decorative elements.
- Versatile Sun Design: The plain pattern resembling a radiant sun evokes warmth and harmony, making it a versatile addition suitable for serving or as a decorative centerpiece.
- Artisanal Touch: Adorned with a color glaze, this tray showcases an artisanal finish, adding an artistic flair to its Nordic-inspired design.
Product Details:
- Material: New bone China, renowned for its delicate yet robust nature
- Style: Nordic-inspired, exuding simplicity and sophistication
- Size: 8 inches in diameter, offering ample space for various uses
- Tableware Craft: Adorned with a color glaze, exemplifying an artisanal touch
Experience the charm of Nordic artistry! Our Nordic Artisanal Sun Tray, intricately crafted from new bone China with a radiant sun design, embodies elegance and functionality, perfect for adorning your tabletop with subtle sophistication.

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