Meshpot Clear Orchid Pot - Excellent Drainage, 4/5/6 Inch


Size: 2 pcs 18cm 1 pcs 14
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Experience superior plant care with the Meshpot Clear Orchid Pot series by "MESHPOT." Crafted with precision and designed for optimal growth, these pots offer an unparalleled environment for your beloved plants.

- Brand: MESHPOT
- Used With: Flower/Green Plant
- Model Number: SR100C-O/SR120C-O/SR150C-O
- Material: Premium PP Plastic
- Plastic Type: PP
- Type: Nursery Pots
- Type Variants: Plant pot, orchid pot, clear pot, plastic plant pot
- Size: Inner diameter: 10cm / 12cm / 15cm
- Color: Clear/Transparency
- Function: Root control, air pruning, root breathability
- Certificates: SGS/Rohs Certificates
- Material Composition: Food Standard Safety PP Plastic Material

- Exceptional Drainage: These pots facilitate excellent drainage, ensuring optimal root control and air pruning for healthier plant growth.
- Root Breathability: The pots are designed to offer ample breathability to plant roots, enhancing their development.
- High-Quality Material: Made from food-grade safety PP plastic, these pots guarantee non-toxic and tasteless conditions, ensuring the safety of your plants.

Enhance your gardening experience with the Meshpot Clear Orchid Pot series. These pots provide an ideal environment for your plants, fostering healthy growth and thriving root systems.

- PP (Polypropylene)
- Food Grade Raw Materials
- Non-Toxic And Tasteless

Elevate your plant care routine with the Meshpot Clear Orchid Pot series, combining functionality and aesthetic appeal for the optimal growth of your beloved plants.

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