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Enhance Your Kitchen Storage with our Marbled Ceramic Airtight Jar Set - Functional Elegance for Your Pantry!

Elevate your kitchen organization with our Marbled Ceramic Airtight Jar Set. Crafted with exquisite, marbled ceramic, these jars combine functionality with sophistication, making them an ideal storage solution for your pantry staples.

Key Features:

- Elegant Design: Featuring a marbled ceramic exterior, these jars offer a sophisticated touch to your kitchen decor while providing practical storage solutions.
- Wooden Airtight Lid: Each jar comes with a wooden lid that ensures an airtight seal, preserving the freshness of your stored ingredients for longer periods.
- Multiple Sizes: This set includes jars of different sizes - Large (12.5cm diameter x 18cm height), Medium (12.5cm diameter x 13.8cm height), and Small (12.5cm diameter x 9cm height), offering versatility to store various quantities of ingredients.
- Versatile Utility: Ideal for storing a wide range of dry ingredients like coffee beans, sugar, tea leaves, spices, and more, keeping them fresh and within easy reach.

Product Details:

- Size Details:
- Large Jar: Diameter 12.5cm, Height 18cm
- Medium Jar: Diameter 12.5cm, Height 13.8cm
- Small Jar: Diameter 12.5cm, Height 9cm
- Material: Marbled Ceramic with Wooden Airtight Lid

Upgrade your kitchen aesthetics! Our Marbled Ceramic Airtight Jar Set combines elegant design and functionality, providing a chic storage solution for your pantry staples while keeping them fresh and accessible.

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