Glass Dual Spray Dispenser for Oil and Vinegar


format: 2pcs Space Silver
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Introducing our Glass Dual Spray Dispenser—a culinary essential crafted with precision and elegance, ideal for your kitchen needs.

Product Information:
- Material: ABS + High-Grade White Glass
- Specification: Diameter - 4cm, Height - 17.5cm, Single Capacity - 100ml

- Crafted with precision and elegance, this dispenser is a versatile kitchen tool suitable for various liquids, including oil, vinegar, soy sauce, lemon juice, or wine.
- Its initial usage might require multiple squeezes to start, ensuring a steady and controlled spray for precise application.
- Perfect for roasting, frying, baking, or oil application, this dispenser functions as an excellent vinegar sprayer without the use of harmful propellants or chemicals commonly found in aerosol injectors.
- Cleaning is a breeze—unscrew the lid, fill the bottle with hot water and mild detergent, and press the fuel injection control button without agitation for easy maintenance.

Meticulously designed with ABS and high-grade white glass, this dispenser combines durability with an elegant aesthetic, enhancing your culinary experience.

With a capacity of 100ml, a compact diameter of 4cm, and a height of 17.5cm, this dual spray dispenser is a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal, offering precise control and effortless application of your favorite liquids.

Elevate your cooking with precision and elegance using our Glass Dual Spray Dispenser, a must-have tool for culinary enthusiasts seeking convenience and style in their kitchen routines.

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