Double Wall Heat Resistant Glass Cups - Tea & Coffee Set


Color: B 150ml
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Elevate your sipping experience with our Double Wall Heat Resistant Glass Cups - an essential set crafted for enjoying your favorite teas, coffees, and various beverages.

Made from high borosilicate glass, these cups epitomize quality and sophistication. The double-wall construction not only offers insulation but also ensures resistance to extreme temperatures, ranging from -20°C to 150°C, making it versatile for various drinks, from piping hot teas to chilled cocktails.

Features and Specifications:
1. Multifunctional Use: Perfect for savoring a diverse range of beverages such as coffee, tea, scented tea, cappuccinos, cocktails, and more.
2. Temperature Resilience: Withstanding extreme temperature changes, these cups maintain their integrity and functionality.
3. Lead-Free Quality: Crafted from lead-free borosilicate glass, ensuring safety and purity.
4. High Heat Resistance: Designed to withstand high temperatures, suitable for different drink options.
5. Health & Environmental-Friendly: Made with materials that prioritize health and environmental consciousness.
6. Double Glazing Design: Ensures superior heat insulation and prevents scalding, offering a comfortable grip.
7. Elegant Aesthetics: The cups boast a beautiful shape, making them an excellent choice for gifting.

- Material: Lead-free borosilicate glass
- Color: As depicted in the image
- Quality Grade: First Class

Ideal for enjoying cocktails, fruit juices, teas, coffees, and other beverages. Perfect for use in bars, KTVs, homes, hotels, tea houses, clubs, coffee houses, or offices.

The actual capacity might vary due to the double-glazed design.

Indulge in delightful beverages with our Double Wall Heat Resistant Glass Cups, designed to elevate your drinking experience while adding an elegant touch to your sips.

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