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Smart Multifunction 3-in-1 LED Night Light

Smart Multifunction 3-in-1 LED Night Light

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Multi-function 3 In 1 LED Night Light APP Control RGB Atmosphere Desk Lamp Smart Multifunctional Wireless Charger Alarm Clock

Elevate your bedside experience with the Multi-function 3 In 1 LED Night Light, offering a seamless blend of functionality and modern design. This smart device combines an RGB Atmosphere Desk Lamp, a Smart Wireless Charger, and an Alarm Clock, all controllable through a user-friendly mobile app.

Key Features:

1. RGB Atmosphere Desk Lamp:
Enjoy a spectrum of colors with the RGB Atmosphere Desk Lamp. Set the mood with customizable lighting options to create a relaxing ambiance in your bedroom.

2. Smart Wireless Charger:
Effortlessly charge your Qi-enabled devices wirelessly. The built-in wireless charging pad provides a convenient and clutter-free solution for keeping your smartphone powered up.

3. Alarm Clock with Multiple Functions:
Set alarms, check the time, and enjoy additional functions like temperature and date display. The multifunctional alarm clock enhances your bedside convenience.

4. APP Control:
Utilize the user-friendly mobile app to control and customize the lamp's settings. Adjust brightness, color, and alarm settings with the touch of your fingertips.

5. Multi-functional Design:
The 3-in-1 design eliminates the need for multiple bedside accessories, saving space and offering a streamlined and modern look.

Product Information:
- Light color: white
- Product model: QLAMP-3601
- Bluetooth name: Dream-xx
- Main materials: ABS+PC
- Product size: 23.8 * 7.8 * 13.5cm
- Input voltage: 12V/2.5A
- Wireless input: 5W-7.5W-10W-15W
- LED output: 8W
- Horn power: 3W
- Lighting modes: 256 types
- Transmission distance: 10m
-  Charging efficiency: 75%
- Working frequency: 100-205kHz
- Button battery capacity: 40mAh
- 15W wireless fast charging for mobile phones    

Packing List:
- Multi-function 3 In 1 LED Night Light * 1
- User Manual * 1
- Charging Cable * 1

Upgrade your bedside experience with the multi-function 3 In 1 LED Night Light, combining style, convenience, and modern technology in one sleek device. Enjoy a personalized and clutter-free nightstand with this innovative and multifunctional addition.

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U. Edgecombe

what a surprise product it is!

Delores B

what a surprise product it is!