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Non-Marking Strong Sticky Hook for Kitchen Wall

Non-Marking Strong Sticky Hook for Kitchen Wall

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Non-Marking Strong Sticky Hook for Kitchen Wall - Vacuum Sucker Hook

Organize your kitchen space efficiently with the Non-Marking Strong Sticky Hook designed for kitchen walls. This vacuum sucker hook offers a strong and reliable solution for hanging kitchen utensils, towels, and other essentials without leaving any marks on your walls. Keep your kitchen neat and tidy with this convenient and practical hook.

Key Features:

1. Non-Marking Design:
The vacuum sucker hook is designed to be non-marking, ensuring that it leaves no residue or damage on your kitchen walls. Enjoy a clutter-free kitchen without sacrificing your wall's appearance.

2. Strong Adhesive Power:
Despite its non-marking feature, this hook provides strong adhesive power, capable of holding kitchen utensils, towels, and other items securely. Keep your essentials within reach without compromising on stability.

3. Easy Installation:
The hook offers hassle-free installation with its easy-to-use design. Simply press the suction cup against a clean and dry kitchen wall surface, and it's ready for use. No tools or drilling required.

4. Versatile Usage:
Use the hook for various kitchen items, including spatulas, ladles, towels, and more. Its versatile design makes it suitable for different kitchen utensils and accessories.

5. Durable and Reliable:
Crafted from durable materials, the vacuum sucker hook is built to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen. It ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.

Product Information:
- Color: White, Green 
- Installation: Easy, No Tools Required
- Adhesive Power: Strong
- Usage: Kitchen Utensils, Towels, Accessories
- Material: Plastic
- Maximum load: 5kg (11lbs)
- Style: single hook
- Style: modern simplicity

Packing List:
- Kitchen vacuum cups×1pc   

Enhance the organization of your kitchen with the Non-Marking Strong Sticky Hook. Enjoy the convenience of a strong and reliable hook without worrying about marks on your kitchen walls. Keep your kitchen essentials within reach and neatly arranged.

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