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Oxford Cloth Curtain - Single Piece

Oxford Cloth Curtain - Single Piece

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Introducing our Oxford Cloth Curtain in a striking red hue, a single-piece addition to enhance your space with style and functionality. Crafted to perfection, this curtain combines quality Oxford cloth material with specific attributes for a tailored experience.
red curtain

Product Details:
🌟 Color: Vibrant red, adding a bold and captivating touch to your decor.
🌗 Shading Index: Offering a 40% shading index, providing moderate light filtration for a balanced ambiance.


👍 Thickness Index: Boasting a conventional thickness, striking the ideal balance between durability and elegance.
🌿 Softness Index: Exhibiting a moderate softness, ensuring a comfortable feel without compromising on resilience.
🌀 Elasticity Index: Featuring micro bomb elasticity for a subtle stretch, facilitating ease of installation and adjustment.

Our Oxford Cloth Curtain in red offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics. With its moderate shading, conventional thickness, and tailored attributes, it is designed to complement your space with both style and practicality.

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